Report: Fort Hood leads with most sexual assaults reported in U.S. Army posts

Posted: 2:30 PM, Nov 17, 2017
Updated: 2017-11-17 20:55:57Z
Report: Fort Hood leads with most sexual assaults reported in U.S. Army posts

The military post, Fort Hood in Killeen is the U.S. Army post with the most sexual assault reports and the second most of any military installation around the world according to a report released by the Department of Defense. 

The reports show the numbers of sexual assaults reports made to the Sexual Assault ResponseCoordinators (SARCs) between 2013 to 2016.

The Department of Defense uses the term “sexual assault” to refer to adult sex crimes punishable under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, including rape, sexual assault, forcible sodomy, aggravated and abusive sexual contact and attempts to commit those offenses.

The Pentagon classifies reports of sexual assault as either unrestricted or restricted.

An unrestricted report is referred for investigation and the commanders of the service member who made it are notified as well as the alleged suspect or suspects.

A restricted report is not referred for criminal investigation or to commanders and allows the service member who made it to seek confidential support, medical care and counseling.

Fort Hood had a total of 863 reports made between 2013 to 2016. 

In 2013 there were 165 unrestricted reports and 42 restricted. In 2014, there were 212 unrestricted reports and 50 restricted. In 2015 there were 164 unrestricted reports and 31 restricted. In 2016, there were 155 unrestricted reports and 44 restricted. 

The Naval Station in Norfolk, VA had a total of 1,055 sexual assaults reported between the same years. 

The report said the location of where a report was made does not necessarily mean the incident occurred at that location.The reason is that victims may report a sexual assault at a time and place of their choosing. The sexual assault may also have occurred elsewhere, including the civilian sector and/or prior to entering military service.

"One of the features of the department's reporting program is that service members can report allegations of sexual assault at any time and at any place," said Dr. Nate Galbreath, deputy director DoD Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office.

"As a result, the number of reports listed for an installation doesn't necessarily mean that the alleged incident occurred there. A report could involve allegations for an incident that occurred while on deployment, while away on leave, or even prior to entering the military. This kind of flexibility allows the department to better meet the department's goals to increase reporting of sexual assault and decrease the occurrence of the crime through prevention." said Galbreath. 

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