CTX man outraged after his Corvette was taken for a 'joyride'

Posted at 4:21 PM, Nov 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-17 00:15:20-05

John Labrado said he took his car to All American Chevrolet of Killeen on in October.

"So it was actually October 23rd that we dropped the vehicle off with them we had some concerns about transmission noise," John's Wife, Jony Labrado said.

While the Labrado's were told repairs would take several days, they weren't told their vehicle would be used for personal errands, something the Sales Advisor told them is normal.

"That actually infuriated us so that's when we started called the GM and figuring out what course of action we could take at that point," Jony said.

He said when he went back to pick it up he noticed damage to the front end of the vehicle and cigarette ashes on his dashboard among other things.

Labrado took to Facebook to tell his story:

"So I had my C7 corvette service at All American Chevrolet of Killeen, TX. On Nov 3 two of their technicians decided to take my CAR for a test drive. They took it home (approx. 30 miles round trip) and drove it on an gravel road, dirt road, over a cattle guard, and 3 mud puddles. To top it off they used my car to jump start a Motorcycle. Also, the $1000 custom front diffuser has 2 scrape marks.  All activity was recorded on video with clear images of the techs..."

"The recording of two technicians getting into the car and taking it for what appeared to be a normal test drive," Jony said. 

But as the video goes on, that test drives seems to turn into a joy ride.

"We then watched them pull into what we now know is another employees home and they started the vehicle back up again and pulled it around the motorcycle where they proceeded to pop the hood and attempt to jump start their personal motorcycle," Jony said.

The two men then drove it back to the dealership.

They said while the General manager was apologetic this was disrespectful and while their situation can't be undone, they want this to serve as a warning to others.

"At this point we just want the word to get out, we want people to be aware, we want the community to know that you need to be cautious when you drop your vehicle off and not just assume its going to be taken care of," Jony said.

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