Meet an Aggie icon...the 12th Man Jesus

Posted at 5:42 PM, Nov 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-02 22:52:18-04

Texas A&M football has plenty of traditions.

There are yell leaders, the Corps of Cadets and of course the 12th Man. But this season, one student has risen among them, a savior, and he goes by 12th Man Jesus.

"Someone has an idea, someone takes that idea and gets it out there and it just grows," said student Chris Patch, a longtime fan of the Maroon Messiah.

For A&M senior, Sam Tomaso, the man behind the beard and under the brunette locks, the whole thing started with a text.

"I text my roommates asking them if one of them would shave a 12 into my chest hair the next morning," Tomaso said.

That was Sept 30., A&M's home game against Southeastern Conference foe South Carolina.

 "We tried a couple time to get picked up and get on the screen," Tomaso said,  "But it didn't happen until after that targeting penalty that everyone was upset about. The stadium was getting pretty excited and our defense came on the field. We got on the screen, the 12th Man got really loud."

It was after that the home team pulled out a win, and the proverbial "we," Tomaso was talking about?

"My friends James [Helms] and John [Scott]."

A pair of apostles, hoisting up the Aggies' savior so he can gig 'em on to victory. 

"Having 12th Man Jesus with you certainly makes meeting people a lot more interesting," Scott said.

Since Tomaso got on camera against South Carolina, the Aggies have gone 2-2 with wins over the Gamecocks and Florida Gators, before falling to Alabama and Mississippi State.

12th Man Jesus says he plans to keep the get up for every home game until he graduates and applies to "... a Cistercian monastery in Dallas. It's a Roman Catholic Monastary and they run an all boys school from 5th grade through high school."

A higher calling for the student who answered Aggie fans' prayers.

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