Medical examiner testifies on autopsies of bikers killed in Twin Peaks shootout on day 14 of first trial

Posted at 1:00 PM, Oct 30, 2017
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A medical examiner from the Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences in Dallas testified on day 14 of the first Twin Peaks trial.

Christopher Jacob Carrizal, who is the president of the Dallas Chapter of the Bandidos, was indicted on charges of engaging in organized criminal activity and directing activities of a criminal street gang. Nine bikers died and dozens were injured after the shootout outside the former Waco Twin Peaks restaurant on May 17, 2015.

Dr. Reade Quinton testified about the results of autopsies performed on nine bikers who died after the shootout. Quinton all of those bikers died from gunshot wounds.

Manuel Isaac Rodriguez who died after the shooting was the only biker out of the nine deceased who was wearing red and gold clothes, which are the colors of the Bandidos, according to Quinton.

Quinton said he was shot twice.

"The bullet enters at the right of his eyebrow and basically goes across the head and downward so from right to left downward, across the head. The projectile doesn't exit, it ends up in the back of the neck,” Dr. Quinton said.

During Quinton’s testimony, the jury and spectators also saw the graphic images from the autopsies.

Richard Jordan’s widow and Daniel Boyett’s mother who said both of the deceased bikers were Cossacks were in the courtroom. They described seeing those pictures as horrible and hard to look at.

Jordan died after being shot in the back of the head, according to Quinton.

"After the bullet goes to the occipital scalp, it actually splits in half and half of the bullet enters the head, and it ends up lodge in the base of the skull, the other half never enters the skull, travels downward... and it ended up in the right side of the neck” Dr. Quinton said.

Boyett, who had Cossack patches on his clothes at the time of the autopsy, died from several gunshot wounds.

“He had three gunshot wounds, two of them were in the head and one was the graze side wound on the left side of the abdomen,” Dr. Quinton said.

Bullets fired from two police rifles struck Boyett, according to SWIFS Firearm and Tool Examiner April Kendrick who also testified on Monday afternoon.

The toxicology reports of the bikers revealed, a few of them had alcohol, marijuana and methamphetamine in their system.

Dr. Richard Whitworth, an Emergency Physician at Baylor Scott & White Hillcrest Medical Center also testified on Monday. He focused on treating bikers at the hospital following the shootout. Several of them had gunshot wounds when they arrived at the hospital, according to Whitworth.

Dr. Whitworth said one of the bikers treated, left the hospital a paraplegic. In addition, he said another biker, Richard Kirschner, who had open wounds in the head, thigh, hip, buttock and abdominal wall, died after arriving at the hospital.

The testimony will continue on Monday afternoon.

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