Burial vault in Calvert makes 'Most Haunted' list

Posted at 9:54 PM, Oct 29, 2017
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With Halloween just a few days away, Texas Monthly compiled a list of the 'Most Haunted' places in the state.

The Orviss vault in Calvert made the cut.

Elaine Hensarling has lived in Calvert for the last 23 years. She's visited the burial vault about 10 times and has yet to see any ghosts, but she understands why the site gives people the chills. 

"You get a sense of aloneness and maybe not so alone," said Hensarling.

Built in the late 1800s, the Orviss vault is tucked away in the woods behind a Jewish cemetery. It's home to a wealthy steamboat captain named D.A. Orviss and his wife, Louisa.

Jennifer Caudle is the president of the Calvert Historical Foundation. She said this final resting place has been anything but peaceful for the pair inside.

"There's been stories of hauntings here for probably 80 years," said Caudle.

Although there's no record of the Orvisses’ having children, there are also two children's coffins inside the vault. Over the years, the vault has been vandalized repeatedly.

"Someone came in and stole the jewels right off of her," said Caudle. "The coffins were toppled over, bones, strewed all over the floor."

Caudle said part of the remains were even stolen, including all four of the skulls. This is leading people to believe that's what's causing the unrest among the spirits.

"There's multiple cases of people seeing shadow figures, light orbs, feeling people touching them from an invisible entity," said Caudle.

Caudle said there are also reports of people hearing voices.

"It's said that if you ask questions, a lot of times they will get answers back," said Caudle.

Caudle said it's a tradition for thrill-seekers to spend the night at the site, especially on Halloween.

"They'll stay the night and encounter all kinds of interesting happenings," said Caudle.  

While Caudle and Hensarling appreciate visitor's interest in the paranormal activity at the site, they prefer to admire the site's stoic beauty during the daytime.

"I've never come at night and I'm going to keep it that way," said Caudle.

"I'm kind of a nonbeliever when it comes to haints and things that go bump in the night," said Hensarling. "But if any place were likely to be that way, this would be it."

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