Prosecutors show video and audio Crime Scene Technician captured in aftermath of Twin Peaks shootout

Posted at 12:10 PM, Oct 26, 2017
and last updated 2018-07-24 21:31:12-04

Two members of the Waco Police crime scene unit who testified on day 12 of the first trial of the Twin Peaks shootout, captured video and audio of the aftermath.

Christopher Jacob Carrizal who is the president of the Dallas chapter of the Bandidos is the first biker to stand trial for the deadly incident that left nine bikers dead and dozens injured. 

Crime Scene Technician Amber Richardson said she was responding to a questionable death on East Waco Drive on May 17, 2015.

"While I was processing the scene, it actually was an outside scene, multiple motorcycles had driven by," Richardson said. 

She added soon after, she heard reports of shots being fired over the radio.

Richardson said at that time she saw additional motorcycles turn around near her location and go toward the direction of the Twin Peaks restaurant. 

She recalls calling her sergeant who advised her to go to the crime scene, where she arrived after 2:30 p.m.

“When I arrived to Twin Peaks, I observed multiple, different departments, such as the Sheriff's Department, people who were assisting Waco,” Richardson said.

As she walked through patio area and inside of the restaurant, the video showed guns, knives and traces of blood.

The feet of the deceased bikers could also be seen at a distance. Rock music from TV's inside the restaurant was playing in the background, which officers described earlier in the week added to the feeling of the crime scene looking like a horror movie. 

Her supervisor, Sgt. Keith Vaughn, who was the first person from the crime scene unit to arrive to the Twin Peaks restaurant, also testified on Thursday.

"There were a number of people on the ground. There were people that were bleeding. Some that I could tell were deceased. Our officer still trying to get people into custody because this was still a very active crime scene,” Vaughn said.

Vaughn who said he heard about the shooting over radio traffic called all the crime scene technicians to help process that scene.

"I knew once I arrived on scene and the size of this scene, basically we would be all hands on deck,” Vaughn said.

He describes the scene at the Twin Peaks shootout as the largest he has ever seen in the 32 years of experience.

"I've worked on scenes that by geographic area were larger. I've worked scenes that were blocks and blocks long but what I mean the largest, I mean the amount of people involved, the amount of evidence was involved and the amount of casualties that were involved," Vaughn said.

He told the jury, officers recovered more than 154 firearms and more than 400 of other types of weapons.

Prosecutors also showed the video he recorded of the Twin Peaks parking lot and the Don Carlos parking lot that show graphic images of the deceased.

He recalled the crime scene in that area being closed for eight days following the shootout.

Testimony will continue on Friday morning.

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