Scam makes its way into Central United Methodist Church in Waco

Posted at 12:44 PM, Oct 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-25 13:49:05-04

A scam has made its way into Central United Methodist Church in Waco.

Jimmy King is the accounting manager at Central United Methodist Church in Waco. He said he received an email that appeared to be sent by his pastor last week.

The email was labeled 'urgent' and asked him to make a $3,000 cash deposit to a bank account he had never seen before.

King was concerned by the odd request and replied back asking for more information. By the second response, King could tell it wasn't his pastor on the other end of the email.

"The tone was cold and distant. It wasn't friendly, it wasn't like him," said King.

After examining the emails more closely, King noticed they were sent using two different addresses, neither of which matched his pastor's. 

"Luckily no money was lost, but obviously they got my name and the pastor's name off the internet, just the church website and I'm sure they do this with many other churches and businesses," said King.

The scammer had sent King a routing and account number under the name Ebony Peak with Bank of America.

King replied back to the scammer and said "I hope you go to jail. I'm going to try to help them catch you, you criminal."

He immediately contacted the Better Business Bureau to report the incident.

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