Rosebud continues search for police chief, down to one part-time officer

Posted at 9:33 AM, Oct 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-23 19:32:57-04

The City of Rosebud is continuing the search for a new police chief and City Manager Keith Whitfield said they are now down to one part-time police officer. 

For now, Falls County deputies are assisting the city until further notice.

"The county comes in through different parts of the day and night when we have calls, when nobody is on duty. They respond to our calls in that sense," said Whitefield. "The constable, he is in and out checking things out for us at different times as well."

Whitfield said the hiring process has been time-consuming since they want to find the best applicant possible. He said Rosebud City Council is now looking at three potential applicants. They plan on discussing who fill the position during their upcoming meeting on Oct. 25.

Whitfield said two additional officers will be added to the department once a chief is hired.

Their last full-time officer was let go last week. The circumstances behind the lay-off are unknown at this time.

The previous police chief resigned in early August after a sexual harassment complaint was submitted against him. 


Sexual harassment claim against Rosebud police chief filed by an officer on the force

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