Police confirm child's body found is Sherin Mathews

Posted at 2:35 PM, Oct 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-16 15:58:00-05

The Richardson Police Department confirmed the identity of the small child found on Oct. 22 as missing 3-year-old Sherin Mathews. 

The body was discovered in the area of E. Spring Valley Road. and S. Bowser Road. in Richardson.

Police said they used dental records to identify the child. Her cause of death is still pending. 

Sherin went missing after her adoptive father originally said he put her outside their home for not drinking her milk.

On Oct. 23, Wesley Mathews, Sherin's father, was arrested and charged with injury to a child, a first-degree felony. 

Wesley voluntarily turned himself in, police said.  He gave a statement that was different than he had initially given. 

According to an arrest affidavit, Wesley told police he believed she had died after she choked on milk in the garage. 

Wesley said he "physically assisted" Sherin drink her milk when she wouldn't listen to him. "She was coughing and her breathing slowed," the warrant said. "Eventually, Wesley Mathews no longer felt a pulse on the child and believed she had died." 

Wesley admitted to removing the body from the home. He is now accused of injury to a child. He is being held on $1 million bond. 

NBC-DFW reported that Mathews was transported from the Richardson Jail to the Dallas County's Lew Sterrett Justice Center in Dallas under suicide watch. 

On Nov. 16, Richardson police arrested Sini Mathews, Sherin's mother and charged her with abandoning or endangering a child. 

Investigating detectives determined Sini left Sherin alone while she and Wesley went to dinner with their biological daughter, the night of Friday, Oct. 6.

In March, a Dallas doctor told Child Protective Services that she thought Sherin was being abused after finding several bone fractures during an examination. 

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