Family still displaced by Hurricane Harvey, looking to call CTX home

Posted at 4:49 PM, Oct 19, 2017
and last updated 2018-11-03 15:19:59-04

Nearly two months after Hurricane Harvey destroyed the Texas coast, victims are still attempting to recover and some are even starting to call Central Texas home. 

The Hannas, a family of seven, are depending on FEMA for what little they have and what they still need including a home. 

The Hanna family of seven evacuated their home in Oyster Creek the night Hurricane Harvey made landfall.

"I was beside myself. I didn't know where we were gonna sleep, I didn't know anything... and the manager here said, 'Kandi, don't worry about it.," Kandi Hanna said.

The Hanna family stayed at a hotel in Lampasas for free for nine days until their FEMA unemployment money came in. But, now they are actively looking for jobs and waiting for FEMA's help to find and rent a home.

"I call them every day. I'm on the phone three to six hours on hold every day with them," Hanna added. 

The Hannas are unable to return home, like so many other victims, because their home on the coast was destroyed. So now, the Hannas are calling the Best Western hotel in Lampasas home. 

"The cold weather just came through, I don't have their jackets," Hanna said. " So, I had to ask people hey can you help out with jackets. They need jackets, they need pants, and that's humiliating not to have that."  

Hanna said the hardest part about losing essentially everything is having to explain to her young boys...

"We don't have it right now. But, you know, what. It's gonna get better."

Hanna's husband is also in remission from cancer and requires certain medical supplies... but she says he would never put his needs before those of his family. 

"I wish I could, you know, get it for him," Hanna added. 

The Hannas are just one family from the hurricane-ravaged Houston area who now call Central Texas home.  There are at least two other families who were displaced and are staying at the same hotel as well as and countless others throughout Central Texas.

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