Sheriff's office investigates after puppy found hanging in tree

Posted at 4:24 PM, Oct 17, 2017

The Lampasas County Sheriff's Office is investigating after a man found his puppy hanging from a tree. 

18-year-old Cole Gilmore says he came home from work Monday afternoon to find his eight-week-old Catahoula-mix named Sue with a nylon rope around its neck that someone had tied to a tree branch.

"So, I got an old shirt, wrapped him in it, and buried him in the pasture," Gilmore said. "I was horrified by it. I sat there and cried a little bit."

But, Gilmore isn't the only one upset.

"It disgusted me. It disgusted me to even be able to hear that news. Seeing it on Facebook, I just wanted to scroll right past it and act like it wasn't even the truth," Somer Smith, a Lampasas resident, said. 

Some people are even offering to donate money for a reward. 

"It's a pretty close-knit community. Information travels fast. I read the post, and I was like, you know what,  if we start a community reward fund maybe the information will get processed faster, and the person, people or whoever did this, they face what they have coming to them which will be more than justly deserved," Kevin Wylie said. 

Gilmore says he has no idea who would have killed his dog or why. He asks anyone with information to contact him. He's also keeping things in perspective.

"A lot of people are like, 'you're only 18. How can you deal with that?'", he said. "There are 18-year-old men who've fought and died for this country. This is bad but it's not the worst thing that's ever happened. I appreciate everyone's condolences over it, but I'm going to live. We just need to find whoever did this."

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