CTX couple receives gift of sound on 60th anniversary

Posted at 5:40 PM, Oct 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-16 18:43:39-04

A lasting marriage requires hard work, especially when you can't make out what the other is saying.

Marie and L.R. Ellis have struggled with hearing loss for more than a decade, but on their 60th anniversary, they received the gift of sound.

"I would've went on with life, misunderstanding. That's why I said I'm thankful for them," said Marie. "I have trouble hearing him and he has trouble hearing me, so we got it together now," said Marie. 

"I won't have to get up to hear what she says as much," joked L.R. "My biggest problem is understanding her. I have to ask her several times what she said."

The pair can now hear clearly thanks to free hearing aids provided by the Miracle-Ear Foundation by Miracle-Ear in Temple.

"People think hearing loss is just an inconvenience," said Jon Miller, hearing instrument specialist at Miracle Ear. "But what hearing loss really does is it puts a wall around you. The people that love you, that want to communicate with you, have to break through that wall."

The foundation began as a way to help children and it's now supporting adults who don't have insurance or who live off a limited income.

"It's just a fantastic way to help people who can't help themselves," said Miller.

The Miracle-Ear Foundation has gifted more than 13,000 hearing aids to 7,500 children and adults nationwide. The two who were just added to the list said they are grateful for the opportunity.

"This will be a big help to me," said Marie. "I praise God for it."

 According to Miracle-Ear's website, more than 7 million Americans who need hearing aids cannot afford them.

If you fall into that statistic, you can find out if you qualify for free hearing aids here.

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