Special prosecutor to be appointed against McLennan DA and Waco detective for perjury accusations

Posted at 4:49 PM, Oct 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-13 20:56:08-04

A special prosecutor will be appointed to look into perjury accusations against the McLennan County District Attorney and a Waco Police detective. 

A defense attorney for a biker who faces charges over the twin peaks shootout filed a complaint in a Dallas court earlier this month.

He claims that either District Attorney Abel Reyna or Waco Police Detective Manuel Chavez lied during a hearing last year in which a judge was deciding if Reyna should be taken-off the Twin Peaks cases.

Attorney Clint Broden says Judge Davis Peeples from the San Antonio area will appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the accusations. 

Broden says the two men told conflicting stories over whether Reyna spoke to the detective in the process of drafting the arrest affidavit for the Twin Peaks bikers.

Broden adds that if the special prosecutor discovers that either Reyna or Chavez lied, they could be arrested.

Abel Reyna released the following statement:

"I think it’s very telling that Mr. Broden, a defense attorney on Mr. Clendennen’s criminal matter, who instigated this proceeding, has not found it important enough to provide me a copy of whatever affidavit or paperwork he presented to the Dallas County District Judge.  However, it appears he found it important enough to directly notify almost 40 news outlets accordingly.  Unfortunately, I have yet to see any documents regarding this ridiculous allegation.  I remain confident in whatever statements I am called upon to defend.  My commitment and obligation to ensure the ends of justice will not waiver."

News Channel 25 reached out to Waco Police but have not received a response yet. 

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