Belton HS senior achieves perfect score on ACT

Posted at 4:51 PM, Oct 12, 2017
and last updated 2018-11-03 15:19:59-04

A Belton High School senior has done what very few are able to do: score a perfect score on the ACT. 

On average, fewer than one-tenth of one percent of students receive the glorified 36. 

"I'm a little bit of a perfectionist," Belton High School senior Serena Shedore said. 

And perfection is what Serena Shedore achieved when she checked her ACT scores in September. 

"It said 36, and I started freaking out. I screamed and I told my parents to come to my room," Shedore added. 

 She started preparing for her September test back in May.

"It was mostly self studying. I never took a course officially. I ordered books online, like test prep books, and so I read through those, and I think the most beneficial thing I did was practice tests," Shedore said. 

But, Shedore focuses on more than just school. She holds leadership positions on student council, National Honor Society and Key Club as well as plays the viola in the school's orchestra. 

"She's not just all business and you know, like a robot like so many people would think. I mean, she's a person, and she has fun. But, then there's this other side that when it's time to do business, she gets to work," Shedore's former teacher, Richard Tolleson, said. 

Now, Shedore is faced with the decision of where she wants to go to college.

"I know that I've worked hard for several years and to know that my score will help me and sets me apart. So, that's a relief to know that all this time, my hours of homework and studying wasn't just for nothing," Shedore added.  

"I cannot imagine that there would be a school in the country that wouldn't be tickled to have her," Tolleson added. 

Shedore currently has her eyes set on Rice University and eventually medical school. 

Shedore is also a National Merit Semifinalist. She took her SAT last week, and with a strong score will hopefully advance to a National Merit Finalist and be eligible for numerous scholarships. 

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