CTX couple set to receive awards for service

Posted at 7:42 PM, Oct 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-11 20:47:33-04

One Killeen couple is being honored during the month of October, but not for the same thing.

The Villaronga's spent 60 years not only serving each other but everyone around them.

"When Roy and I married and we started having children, what affects him, he is the one that is Hispanic, affects me, affects our children," Julia Villaronga said.

Which is why she feels like she has to do whatever she can to help the Hispanic community.

"I work very hard with the Disabled American Veteran's Auxiliary. We have a lot of Hispanics that have served our country," Julia said.

It's for work like that and much more that Villaronga is being recognized by the Texas Association of the Mexican American Chamber of Commerce

"It's been a surprise, it's been fun and I am just overwhelmed," Julia said.

She will be receiving the 2017 Woman of Distinction award on Oct. 27, recognizing all that she's done for the Hispanic community.

And while she has been serving her community, her husband was off serving our country for 26 years.

"The first tour was as a Company Commander with 1st Cavalry and it was nine months as a Military Commander," Raul Villaronga said.

For that, along with many others tours of duty, he will also be awarded for by a different organization in the same week.

"My understanding of it is the 2017 Congressional Veteran's Award," Raul said.

While both Julia and Raul are being awarded for serving others they both say it couldn't have happened without each other.

"We support each other in what we do. I have tried to be there for everything he has needed and he has been the same way with me," Julia said.

"I'm proud of my wife and I am really appreciative of the fact that she has been my wife for almost 60 years and hopefully we have many more years we can celebrate together," Raul said.

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