CTX school district changes how parents help with homework

Posted at 9:37 AM, Oct 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-10 10:55:41-04

Temple Independent School District is giving parents a look at what goes on inside the classroom by creating an exclusive YouTube channel.

"We're hoping that reaching them this way will provide our citizens with extra support that they can use to understand more difficult topics," Megan Richards, a teacher at Ray Allen Elementary said. 

Richards said teachers will upload three videos throughout the year explaining math and reading at each grade level. 

"We wanted to reach our parents that way when we send homework home or kids are coming home with questions that we're providing them with the support that they are able to help their kids," Richards said.  

Amy Frei-Brown has a son in first grade within Temple ISD and she's thrilled about the new feature. 

"When he gets to middle school or even high school especially math I would have to really use this YouTube channel to go and look to see exactly what they're supposed to know, in order to help him with his work at home," Frei-Brown said. 

Teachers said there are other areas within the YouTube channel where parents can learn, including how to get family access for grades, progress reports and report cards. 

Since the Texas curriculum is universal, Temple ISD officials said this feature will not just benefit the parents within the district but parents through the state.

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