2-year-old boy fighting for his life after being diagnosed with rare disease

Posted at 7:38 PM, Oct 04, 2017
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Over the last four months, JB and Laquisha Mosley have watched their 2-year-old son, Jeremiah, quickly regress.

"The first big red flag was him not being able to walk anymore," said JB. "Just to see him decline every day, it's heartbreaking."

Jeremiah has been diagnosed with a progressive, terminal illness called Leukodystrophy. He can no longer stand up, speak or feed himself. He's also under hospice care.

"He has nurses that come 8 hours a day, 56 hours a week," said Laquisha. "We're pretty much watching him die."

According to the United Leukodystrophies Foundation, the leukodystrophies make up a group of rare genetic disorders that affect the central nervous system. They affect the brain, spinal cord and often the peripheral nerves.

His life expectancy with this rare disease is short. Jeremiah's parents have no idea how much time they have left with him since his doctors said he's deteriorating faster than expected.

"It seems like the doctors are more used to saying that to families than the family that's getting the news."

With heavy hearts, JB and Laquisha have dropped everything to care for their sick child. Their lives revolve around countless visits with doctors and scouring the internet for additional resources. 

"We're paranoid because we don't want to go to sleep at night. It's like, 'is he breathing funny? Is he doing something funny?'" said Laquisha.

JB and Laquisha said they would trade positions with their son in a heartbeat.

"There might not be a cure, but I'm never going to stop trying to find one," said JB.

They are currently looking to find a doctor who specializes in leukodystrophies.

JB and Laquisha have set up a GoFundMe account to help cover medical expenses as the bills start to add up.

If you'd like to donate to the GoFundMe, click here.

His parents have also set up a Facebook Page called Jeremiah's Window for those who would like to follow his journey. To view the page, click here.

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