Meals on Wheels seeks help with pet preventive care program

Posted at 11:47 AM, Oct 02, 2017
and last updated 2018-07-24 21:31:10-04

A nonprofit organization that helps delivers meals for low-income seniors is asking for assistance to continue a program that provides preventive care for the pets of their clients.

Meals on Wheels started the Treasured Tails Program two years ago to help clients in need get veterinary services and spay or neuter for their pets at the Animal Birth Control Clinic in Waco. 

Mauricio Rivera Jr., whose four cats and dog have benefited from the program, said it would have been hard for him to afford the services they gave to his pets on his own.

"I thanked them for helping out. I couldn't have done them on my own. Not at this age. They were real good with the supplies for the animals and supplies for me," Rivera said. 

According to Laura Ziemer, Meals on Wheels director of client services, two weeks ago, the organization found out it would not receive the two thousand dollar grant that helped to pay for part of the program. Therefore, it is unable to help pay for preventive care for their clients' pets.

"A lot of our seniors live alone and their pets are their only companions and those who have pets understand, they can be family to us," Ziemer said. "They are an important part of their lives and bring joy and even help with their exercise and encourage them to live healthy lifestyles. They're a huge benefit for our seniors and they care very deeply for them so if we could help take care of their furry best friends, we are helping take care of the seniors."

The Animal Birth Control Clinic is still offering the spay or neuter services for Meals on Wheels clients part of that program.

"If they don't get them fixed. They'll end up with more and even a litter of puppies or kittens is hard on the normal person to care for, much less someone who is homebound," said Director of Animal Birth Control Clinic Carrie Kuehl.

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