Season 5 of Fixer Upper will be the last season

Posted at 10:27 AM, Sep 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-26 17:09:34-04

Chip Gaines announced on his Twitter page that Season 5 of Fixer Upper will be the last. 

"It is with both sadness and expectation that we share the news that season 5 of Fixer Upper will be our last. While we are confident that this is the right choice for us, it has for sure not been an easy one to come to terms with," the Gaines' family said in a blog post. "Our family has grown up alongside yours, and we have felt you rooting us on from the other side of the screen. How bittersweet to say goodbye to the very thing that introduced us all in the first place."

Fans of Fixer Upper travel for miles to see Magnolia Market. News Channel 25 checked in with today's visitors to see how they reacted to the news.

"Oh gosh, ever since it's been on! We've watched that show continuously and I'm hating to hear what I'm hearing," said Carol Keefer, a fan of the show. "I think I'm going to get rid of cable!"

"I used to watch all the design shows and now I've gotten to the point where I only watch that one because the other ones don't really hold a candle to it," said Kathleen Mullins, another fan of the show.

Although she hates to admit it, Mullins said she saw this coming.

"I don't know how they do it all now and still like keep everything working right, so I get it," said Mullins. "It's sad, for me, but I get it."

In the blog post, the Gaines' said that although Fixer Upper is coming to a close, they aren't done with Waco. They will continue to renovate homes.

"Our family is healthy and our marriage has honestly never been stronger," they said. "This has nothing to do with a fraudulent skincare line or anything else you’ll inevitably read. This is just us recognizing that we need to catch our breath for a moment."

While this is a sad time for fans, the majority are in support of their decision.

"Such an institution and such a good example for American children and their families," said Keefer. "I hope they do something equally important in the future."    

The final season of Fixer Upper is set to air on HGTV in November, and the new spinoff with Joanna Gaines, Behind the Design, will follow shortly after. 

Behind the Design will show an in-depth look at how all the design decision, details and decorating come together before the final reveal on each Fixer Upper house. 

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