Date set for first Twin Peaks trial

Posted at 12:59 PM, Sep 19, 2017
and last updated 2018-07-24 21:31:08-04

The date for the trial of the first biker indicted in the Twin Peaks shootout has been set for next month after several delays in the process.

Christopher “Jacob” Carrizal, president of the Dallas chapter of the Bandidos, faces charges accused of engaging in organized criminal activity outside the Twin Peaks restaurant on May 17, 2015. The shootout left nine bikers dead and dozens injured.

The jury qualification process was delayed after Carrizal’s attorney Casie Gotro filed a motion to recuse 19th District Court Judge Ralph Strother and 54th District Judge Matt Johnson earlier this month. Johnson is now presiding over the case after Strother’s recusal was granted.

Both parties agreed on setting Sept. 29th as the date when potential jurors will be summoned to court. At that time, they will explain to the judge whether they have any disqualifications that prevent them from serving. In addition, they will fill out questionnaires about how they feel about certain issues. The trial is now scheduled for Oct. 9.

During the pretrial hearing on Tuesday morning, a representative speaking on behalf of the Department of Public Safety told the judge the department filed a motion to quash the nine subpoenas Gotro submitted. She argued Gotro should go through the proper channels to obtain this information, which she said would be the District Attorney’s Office.

Gotro asked for duplicates of pictures, video the department took during its surveillance and intelligence gathering operation for Twin Peaks restaurant and the investigation of the Twin Peaks shooting. She is also seeking information on who took the pictures or video, date and time the images were captured and the type of camera used to do it.

The District Attorney’s Office said it turned over the 16 photographs that they had available.

Furthermore, she is requesting information about cell phones seized in the aftermath and the type of forensic analysis performed on these items. She also asked to be given all forms that identify any cell phones or digital forensic data obtained from those cell phones seized or analyzed during the surveillance and intelligence gathering operation for the Twin Peaks restaurant.

In one of her subpoenas, Gotro asked for all records of submission to the TXGANG database relating to the Bandidos and Cossacks from August of 2014 thru May 2015.

TXGANG is a database index of person’s associated with street gangs as reported by criminal justice agencies in Texas.

Judge Johnson said asked the representative for DPS to produce the information Gotro requested by Sept. 29 for him to inspect it and determine whether the defense and the prosecution could obtain it. He asked the department to identify the confidential information that can’t be released.

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