Hewitt Parks Department presents dog park plan to city council

Posted at 10:12 PM, Sep 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-18 23:20:54-04

The Hewitt Parks Department presented their plan for a new dog park and splash pad to the town's city council today.

The department wants to turn what's known as Glaze Park, a piece of land on Old Temple Road near Warren Park, into a new dog park. They also want to add the splash pad to one of Hewitt's current parks.

Parks & Media Coordinator Caz Muske says the new additions are just what the city of Hewitt needs.

"We're a family-friendly community, " Muske said, "I think having entities like a dog park or a splash pad, it connects that family orientation that Hewitt has."

The parks department is looking to fund the project through donations from private businesses. Ace Fence and Supply has already agreed to donate to the project. Muske said that finding donors for the rest other areas of construction can increase the chances that this project is done.

"We're looking to get it privately funded so we don't wanna have to rely on any funding from the city," Muske said. "If we can get the entire project taken care of then it's a very high possibility that we'll get to hit the ground."

The project is still in its beginning phases as the parks department continues to look for private donations. They have not ruled out asking the city to help fund the project if they are not able to find the funds.

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