School district says it will not implement 'lunch shaming' policy

Posted: 2:16 PM, Sep 06, 2017
Updated: 2018-11-03 19:19:57Z

A message threatening to pull lunches from children at one Central Texas elementary school has local parents outraged. 

The message from Clear Creek Elementary irritated parents but also had parents across the district worried that the same policies could be implemented in their children's schools. 

Tuesday, a message went out to Clear Creek Elementary School parents to inform them their child's lunch tray will be pulled if they do not send their children with lunch money. The message read "the practice of pulling trays is not something we enjoy doing, therefore today's reminder was made..." 

"It was asinine. I mean it's essentially bullying the kids to retaliate at the parents," Samantha Rackcliffe, the mother of two Clear Creek Elementary students, said. 

A mother of two KISD elementary students, who do not attend Clear Creek Elementary School, said she was even upset by the message. 

"Honestly, I was angry because who's to say that that's not happening at the school that my kids go to? Why, why would that be, why would Clear Creek be any different than Haynes?" Emily Tagle, the mother of two KISD elementary students, said. 

In response to the community's outrage at the message, Killeen ISD deleted the original post and sent out a new message and statement Wednesday. 

"Neither the District nor Clear Creek Elementary School have plans to implement a "lunch shaming" policy. Furthermore, the previous correspondence pertaining to such a plan should be disregarded. Parents are being provided further clarification immediately. The District has plans and procedures in place to ensure all students receive nutritious meals on a daily basis."

- KISD Superintendent John Craft

But, parents still weren't satisfied.

"I would think first and foremost, there should have been a formal apology," Rackcliffe added. 

"He should have addressed what that person said instead of addressing the vague rules of Killeen ISD's policies on lunch," Tagle added. 

Rackcliffe shared the message Clear Creek parents received and it went on to say campus PTO or PTA funds and campus activity funds may be used to purchase meals for students, if available. 

The note the school sent to parents said that students who didn't have enough money in their accounts would get an alternative lunch consisting of either a cheese or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and water.

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