Marlin man survives bee attack

Posted at 9:31 PM, Sep 04, 2017

A Marlin man is spending the night in the hospital after he was attacked by hundreds of bees.

The 52-year- old man, David Wester was mowing his lawn Monday afternoon when a swarm of bees surrounded him.

"My husband was mowing the grass and apparently the bee hive is in this water meter over here and he ran over the water meter and they swarmed him," David's wife, Cathlene Wester said.

Cathlene said she and her husband immediately feared the worst.

"I had a friend of mines father-in-law who in the last year or so was killed by bees so that was my really the first thing when he called when I heard what it was that was kind of the first thing that hit my mind so I was kind of panicked until I saw him," Cathlene said.

With the thought of death looming, the Westers knew they had to act quick.

"I actually worked at the hospital in the emergency room and my husband called me in a panic and my granddaughter happened to be here and she got on the phone and told me that he had gotten stung by bees, that he had been out mowing and the bees had chased him and I was like hang up and call 9-1-1," Cathlene said.

That's exactly what they did. Emergency responders from Marlin soon showed up to their home off of Country Road 155 to battle the bees.

"They got him to the hospital and they had given him some medication to kind of calm him down and some Benadryl to adverse the effects of the allergy, you know, the bee stings," Cathlene said,

While David is expected to be okay, the bees may have a different fate.

"If anybody out there knows how to get rid of them please come and help because there is a lot of them in there still," Cathlene said. 

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