Reception center, shelters for evacuees to remain open until midnight

Posted at 11:14 AM, Sep 04, 2017
and last updated 2018-07-24 21:31:04-04

The reception center and shelters for Harvey evacuees will remain open until midnight on Monday. 

On Monday, the reception center at the Church of the Open Door in the 900 block of N. Loop 340 had provided food and medical services to at least 10 evacuees. At least three of the evacuees who came in were referred to the shelters.

Barbara Toler who evacuated with her family of eight from Houston before Hurricane Harvey made landfall to a Bellmead hotel. She and her family members made their way to the reception center to pick up some toiletries and get medical attention for her family.

"Food, personal items, deodorant, things that we didn't think to pack up. They're providing medical attention for my mother in law who takes insulin," Toler said.

In addition, she said they helped her connect with doctors in the area.

"All of us who have teamed up to help us. They were very hospitable in this city. We have encountered very nice people," Toler said.

Church of the Open Door Volunteer Beverly Ramirez who lived in Houston in the past and experienced a few tropical storms said it was important for be at the reception center on Sunday and Monday. 

"I just wanted to be there to let them know somebody else has experienced the same tragedy and what is like to go through it  and help them and encourage them, there is a light at the end of the tunnel," Ramirez said.

The house where the Toler family lived did not sustain significant damage. However, the storm did make them realize McLennan County should be their new home.

"My husband and I were praying to moving by a countryside of the state where we could get the kids in a different area to raise them in a better school. I think Harvey came here by an act of God and led us here to give us what we wanted in prayer," Toler said.

The reception center and the Waco shelters will be open until midnight on Sept. 4. The City of Waco will be on standby status after midnight meaning they will not open the reception center or shelters until requested by the state.

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