Texas A&M students' families affected by flooding, hope for the best

Posted at 3:23 PM, Aug 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-29 18:01:13-04

Hurricane Harvey ravaged parts of southeast Texas. And in a city 40 miles north of Houston, conditions are getting worse.

"The north, east, south, and west. It's all flooded," Meghan Clancy said.

Clancy and her roommate Madeline Bagwell are both from Conroe, where its lake is rising and its streets are flooding.

They're students at Texas A&M University, nearly 70 miles away from Conroe.

"It's definitely hard because I feel like I'm kind of useless. But I know if I try to go home and something happens, I'll just make everything worse," Clancy said.

And if she does try to go back home, she said she wouldn't be able to get through.

"The roads are blocked. Like, I've never had that before. I've never been literally told I can't go back home," she said.

Bagwell's father can't go home to his family in Conroe, either. He's in Houston helping to get the power back on.

"I feel like I can't help in any of which way. My family is in Conroe,  my dad's in Houston. We're all separated, and it's just odd," Bagwell said.

She said she's constantly texting with her father, which keeps her calm. But it's hard to get in touch with Clancy's mother, a 911 dispatcher in Montgomery County.

"They're extremely busy. Everybody's exhausted. She said they're doing good, they're just mentally tired and ready for it to go down and calm down," Clancy said.

Regardless of where they are in proximity to their families back home, Clancy and Bagwell said the Aggie community has their back.

"No matter who we are or where we're from, they're so supportive. I mean, we could be totally opposite types of people, but Aggies are Aggies," Clancy said. "We're all going to stick together."

The Association of Former Students and the Texas A&M Foundation partnered with TexAgs to create an online forum where fellow Aggies can contact each other if they need help or can offer help. For more information, click here

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