Rain, winds from Harvey impacting crops in CTX

Posted at 5:57 PM, Aug 26, 2017
and last updated 2018-07-24 21:31:02-04

Some farmers are making changes in anticipation to weather from Harvey, which is now a tropical storm. 

World Hunger Relief Farm Manager James Fairchild said they have decided to delay planting their fall crops because of it.

"Just to let the ground get a little wetter and to make sure the seeds don't get washed away so that pushes us back a little bit," Fairchild said.

For farmers like Stephen Woods who owns Wood acres said the weather did not affect his planting. However, strong winds later could affect some of his peppers.

"If the peppers are in contact with the ground any period of time, they are more susceptible to rotting," Woods said.

However, he said overall he welcomes the rain.

"We are always grateful for rain. Every once in a while there is too much but in Central Texas, you gotta have the rain," Woods said.

For Fairchild, having rain will be better for planting crops because it makes the ground easier to work with.

"Rain is always welcome, especially in August," Fairchild said. "We are glad it's here. We are praying for the friends and family to the south of us."

Ranchers who live in flood-prone areas are advised to take livestock to higher ground.

If you need shelter for small animals or livestock, you can dial 211. 

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