Increase in stolen cars leave neighbors frustrated

Posted at 7:34 PM, Aug 24, 2017
and last updated 2018-11-03 15:19:56-04

There has been an increase in car thefts in Killeen and victims are taking to social media to voice their frustration.

Residents want the thieves to know they're watching. 

Last month, Evan Valek's truck was stolen out of his driveway. 

"[The thieves] took it for a joyride, ended up leaving it at a vacant rental property off of Waterproof which is a mile and a half away from our house," Evan Valek said.  

The thieves attempted to steal Valek's truck a second time, but this time he had cameras and almost physically caught them in the act.

"I'm gonna say these are definitely high schoolers. They aren't adults... No way, shape or form they're adults," Valek added. 

"Where are these kids' parents? ... At three, four, five o'clock in the morning, where are the parents?"

"These juveniles apparently they have nothing better to do besides go and steal... cars or whatnot... and who knows what for," Ofelia Miramontez with the Killeen Police Department said. 

So, Killeen Police encourage people to continue to call KPD, keep vehicles in a garage if possible. 

"See about investing in a good camera system, talk with your neighbors, get a neighborhood crime watch," Miramontez added.  

"It's getting out of hand, and people around here, if they don't know, they're sitting ducks," Valek said. 

Killeen detectives are saying the big thing is these cases are keys and key fobs. They encourage drivers to bring them inside instead of leaving them in the cars to prevent further thefts. 

KPD also encourages all businesses and homes to install security cameras. Catching footage of a crime helps detectives solve them quicker. 

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