App adds more Waco partners to promote safe driving

Posted at 6:07 PM, Aug 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-24 00:16:14-04

SAFE2SAVE, a free app that rewards people for not texting and driving, is adding more business partners. 

The Backyard Bar and Grill is the app's newest partner. 

The app gives you two points for each minute you are not texting while driving. 

The app launched in Waco about 6 months ago. 

The owner and founder, Marci Corry, said she used to text and drive a little over a year ago. After a close friend of hers lost someone from an accident where the driver was texting, Corry decided something needed to change. She created SAFE2SAVE.

"We gotta make this a fun positive rewards system people want to be part of because we have to start changing behavior," Corry said. "It's actually a terrible habit we've got to break and there has to be something done in order to be proactive to make a change."

Brittney Garrett, a woman who survived after crashing her car and falling 60 feet into Lake Waco, is encouraging people to download the app.

"If I would have had that during my wreck, you know. In those split couple of seconds, you know, I would've avoided the whole wreck," Garrett said.

Garrett said since the wreck her phone is usually in her purse on silent.

"I'm very lucky to be here. Not many people could survive a crazy wreck like that," Garrett said.

On Sept. 1, a new texting and driving ban goes into effect. Drivers caught texting and driving could be fined up to $200. 

For the next month, if you download the app and use the code CHANNEL25 you will receive 500 bonus points on the app. If you have trouble using the code, download the app and email They will credit your account with the 500 points.

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