CTX cancer survivor's first day of school

Posted at 8:37 AM, Aug 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-21 09:57:03-04

Midway kindergartner McKenzie Covert has waited two years for her first day of school.  

Why? One scary word, for both kids and parents.

"Cancer," McKenzie said.

McKenzie's mom, Tiffany Covert, remembers the day of the diagnosis.

"September 25, 2015, she was diagnosed with Leukemia and she was only in preschool for a month, and we had to pull her out because of all the treatments she had," Tiffany recalled.

5-year-old McKenzie said the hardest part of her treatments was going to the hospital, but she has been cleared to go to her first day of school at Midway ISD's Woodway Elementary, even though she has more treatments scheduled between now and January of 2018. Tiffany says McKenzie's been ready for this day for awhile.

"She's so excited. She's been counting down the days. Every morning, she's been like, 'Okay, so it's 12 more days... it's 11 more days!'  She was so excited to go get her backpack and her lunch box, and pick out her first day of school outfit," Tiffany said. "When your child is diagnosed with cancer, it's one of those things where you always hope for the best but the worst is always in the back of your mind, and so getting to this moment was one of those things we always hoped for and prayed for, and I'm very happy for her."

Tiffany said her wish is that McKenzie's first day goes well and is just the best day of her life.

McKenzie had one word for those who prayed for her and helped her through her recovery: "Thank you."

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