Add loved one to the Wall of Honor at Brazos Valley Veterans Memorial

Posted at 6:49 PM, Aug 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-15 19:55:30-04

The Brazos Valley Veterans Memorial is dedicated to the service and sacrifice of all veterans throughout American history and Tuesday was your last chance to add your loved one to the memorial for 2017.

Almost 6,000 names are carved into the Wall of Honor. It's made up of veterans, alive and deceased, who took the oath to protect and serve.

"So, you look at that and you're just really thankful that people are willing to do that, were willing to do that and are still doing that service and sacrifice for our country," said Steve Beachy, Army veteran and BVVM board member. 

For many veterans, visiting this memorial serves as a family reunion. 

"I have family members on this wall that we put up there, people from the American Revolution to present time," said Beachy.

The site is one of 18 at the park, each representing a different war throughout history. 

"All war is horrible. I don't like any of them. Sometimes you got to do it," said John Anderson, Army veteran and BVVM board member.

More than half the sites are complete with a bronze statue. The remaining sites will be completed in the next few years.

"You're immediately energized. You can hardly focus on one thing because there are so many sites to view," said Glenn Burnside, Marine veteran and BVVM member.

Each one is special and unique, which makes it difficult to pick one over the other.

"That's like saying who's your favorite child," said Burnside.

The men said this memorial helps connect them to their family and friends who served. It also teaches people a bit of history through stories of great courage.

"They may have passed on, but their family members feel a connection to their service and to this location because they're on the wall," said Anderson.

Names are added to the Wall of Honor each year and read aloud during an annual Veterans Day ceremony. About 160 names will be added this year. To add a name to the Wall of Honor, you can go to their website. Any applications that didn't make the 2017 deadline will be added to the wall in 2018.

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