FIT4MOM Waco offers full-body workouts for moms, moms-to-be

Posted at 1:33 PM, Jul 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-28 14:42:52-04

A fitness program specifically for women in every stage of motherhood has made its way to the Waco area.

Alexandra Price's move to Waco when she was 22 weeks pregnant inspired her to open a FIT4MOM franchise.

"I was looking for something for me to do while I was pregnant and also once I had my little one. She was going to be too young for a gym daycare," she said.

She'd heard of the Stroller Strides exercise program, but she couldn't find one in Waco.

"I reached out to some moms on Facebook, and there was such a huge need and huge desire for it, so I decided to start it up," she said.

FIT4MOM, which includes Stroller Strides exercises, offers full-body workouts for all types of mothers, whether they're first-time moms or have kids in college.

One of the benefits of the program, Price said, is getting to bring your child along with you.

"They come with us, and we bond with them. It's not that you're just dropping them off at a daycare and getting on a row of treadmills by yourself. You're here with your babies, and you're here with other moms. And the great thing about working out with your baby is ... you're modeling behavior for them," she said.

The workouts are designed to make exercising entertaining for both the mother and her child.

"We move through the park to different stations. Each has cardio and a full-body workout with either body weight or resistance bands and songs and nursery rhymes," Price said.

Price held a soft opening for the program Friday.

"We did peek-a-boo squats to a little nursery rhyme song. We also did hokey-pokey abs, so we did the hokey-pokey. We did duck walks across the bridge for [Five Little Ducks]. Mother Duck called them back, and they quacked, quacked, quacked over the bridge," she said.

More importantly, Price said you're building bonds and creating a community with other mothers.

The program's grand opening is Saturday, Aug. 5, at 9 a.m. at Cameron Park. Classes will also be held at Hewitt Park.

Price offers classes five days a week. The first class is free.

For more information about FIT4MOM, click here.

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