Police: Skimmer found at Mart gas station

Posted at 10:01 AM, Jul 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-28 12:41:02-04

The Mart Police Department said a fake key pad skimmer was found at a gas pump on Thursday night.

Police would like to remind citizens to be careful when using card readers at gas stations, among other places. They ask that you be aware of your surroundings before using a credit card machine at a gas pump. 

Specific things to look for include a broken security seal and pin-sized holes above the keypad. Police advise checking for tampering, wiggling everything, covering the keys while you enter your pin number and staying aware.  

Skimmers take data off credit and debit cards' magnetic strips. They use the data from every person who swipes their card to steal the money in the card's account. 

Contact the Mart Police Department if you notice anything suspicious at 254-876-3078.

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