CTX family paints fun fire hydrants in Lampasas

Posted at 6:35 PM, Jul 20, 2017
and last updated 2018-11-03 15:20:01-04

The fire hydrants in Lampasas aren't your typical fire hydrants thanks to one family.

When Marie Goforth moved into a new home, her daughter noticed she had a fire hydrant in her front yard.

"They paint them at the square, I mean at Marble Falls in the square so maybe we could see if we could paint up hers," Gail Bell, the Lampasas fire hydrant artist, said. 

So they did, with a green light from the Lampasas Fire Chief, the mother daughter duo painted the cactus... the first of many.

"I'd be at HEB or something and they'd be talking about 'Did you see that one?' I would say 'Hey, there's one over here on Avenue B... you might want to check it out,'" said Bell. 

For a while, the people of Lampasas had no idea where the fun fire hydrants were coming from... but now, it's no secret!

"Its been really cool. I mean it's surprising I think all of us that so many people have loved the idea. We get comments pretty much every day on our Facebook page, people stop us all over town. I've had patients at the hospital that as soon as they find out, the fire hydrant lady is my mother that they want to write their address down so I can take it home with me so she can paint their fire hydrant," Brandi Watkins, the daughter of Lampasas fire hydrant artist Gail Brown, said.

So far, over 240 fire hydrants across the city have been painted to resemble your favorite cartoon characters, sports teams and they even have a secret Where's Waldo! 

You can join in on the fun by visiting their Facebook page.

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