Sisters saved by strangers meet their heroes

Posted at 4:31 PM, Jul 18, 2017
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Two elderly women in Killeen had the chance to thank the men they call their heroes in person.

The reunion was emotional. There were lots hugs, some tears, and an overwhelming amount of love.

"We ask God every day that He would continue to bless you guys because you could've just rolled on by, but you didn't... and we're grateful and thankful," Esther Young said.      

Mae and Esther finally had the opportunity to meet their guardian angels, Jack Williamson and James Jackson who saved them from their burning home.

"It just means a great joy to be able to be with the ladies again and the family," Jack Williamson said.  

The two men said they didn't think twice about running into the burning home.

"It may be my mom, or it may be my family in a house like that, and I would hope somebody, someone happening to go by, would stop and do the exact same thing," Williamson said.

Jackson said the fire intensified quickly from the time they ran to the back of the home to when they got Mae and Esther out safely. 

"I'm just glad that God blessed me to be there at that time and to save them. And now, we're here to meet them... it's just a wonderful feeling really though because we saved somebody's mom, auntie, sister, so I hope somebody would do that for me, too," Jackson said.   

Mae and Esther's family came from all over to meet their heroes. 

"It was a better day. It could've been worse, I guess as I thought about it later, it could've been worse. I never thought about it at the moment. But, it's not... and the Lord was very gracious for allowing us to be there too so that it wouldn't be," Williamson said. 

News Channel 25 viewers made today's reunion possible by helping us locate Jack Williamson and James Jackson. Mae and Esther also want to thank Alaysia Downey for calling 9-1-1 on the day of the fire.

The Hampton Inn in Killeen offered up its lobby for the reunion.

Mae and Esther are now in need of a new home. If you'd like to make a donation to help them out, you can donate here.

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