City of Belton advises best way to enjoy Nolan Creek

Posted at 3:19 PM, Jul 05, 2017
and last updated 2018-11-03 15:19:54-04

The City of Belton officials say they are sharing this information not to alarm the public, but to educate those of us who spend the hot summer days down at Nolan Creek. 

"Nolan Creek is rated secondary contact because its bacteria levels, so swimming's not recommended because there's some elevated bacteria levels in the creek," Paul Romer with the City of Belton said. 

Instead of swimming, city leaders are recommending wading, tubing or kayaking. 

"Last year as we noticed more swimmers, we put out some signs to help guide how people would use the creek and to just get practical advice," Romer added.  

The signs direct you to the City of Belton's website where you can find information on the water's quality and other safety tips. The city isn't looking to alarm those who enjoy cooling off in Nolan Creek during the hot summer months, just educate them.

"I think that awareness is just really important, so if we are aware as a community then we can take the best procedures for our families," Kelly Sanders, a Nolan Creek frequent visitor, said.   

"We're not going to tell people how they should use the creek, but we want people to be educated and decide whether they want to get in and dunk their head or not," Romer said.  
The city is just cautioning anyone with a compromised immune system to think twice before jumping into the creek.

"You just have to make sure that your kids are taught and that you are aware of not ingesting any of the water and you're making sure that you're taking the proper precautions of washing hands and all of those safety measures," Sanders added.  

The City of Belton said the most likely thing that could happen after ingesting the creek water now, would be a stomach ache. But, city leaders want you to know they are available to speak one-on-one with anyone who may have about questions or concerns about Nolan Creek.

Bacteria levels rise, however, anytime there is a big rain because of drainage and run-off. So, for Nolan Creek goers, that is something to remember along with the usual safety hazard of flooding. 

For answers to the frequently asked questions about Nolan Creek and its bacteria levels, you can visit the city's website

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