Social media app Snapchat causing concern for CTX parents

Posted at 9:44 PM, Jun 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-29 23:04:45-04

A smartphone app is causing concern across Central Texas as its latest update hits more and more phones.

Snapchat is an app typically known for geo locations and funny filters, but thanks to the latest update, it's now an app known for showing a person's exact location.

"It's bad because it allows them to know exactly when you are home or when you are moving and exactly where you are located. That's when it becomes dangerous," said Julian Martinez, the child safety coordinator with the Killeen Police Department.

The update is simple to navigate: you go to your Snapchat camera, pinch your fingers together to zoom out and just like that you can see where your friends are, down to the street.  

"I was a little shocked because I think it's really, really bad. I don't think it's safe for teenagers and I don't like the idea that with you posting on there it can locate exactly where you are at for safety reasons," said Lisa-Marie Fischer, mother of three. 

Fischer said she is always paying attention to the latest social media advances, so when the map feature came out, she was quick to act.

"You have to have these talks with your kids. You have to let them know the potential as long as you tell them honestly what could happen maybe it will scare them enough for them not to want to be on it," Fischer said.

Officer Martinez says smartphone apps, such as this one, can be dangerous and they are updating daily.

"When it comes to social media. Be aware. Knowledge is power. Be a very powerful person because technology changes not just on a weekly basis, but a daily basis," Martinez added.

There are ways to turn the location setting off for the app and even set your Snapchat location to "ghost mode" meaning your location is not shown.

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