Search still on for alternative site for new Waco landfill

Posted at 6:26 PM, Jun 20, 2017
and last updated 2018-06-19 15:01:03-04

The City of Waco is no closer to finding an alternative site for a new landfill.

The mayor and city council members listened to a presentation on potential sites Tuesday afternoon.

Waco's Public Works director Chuck Dowdell said he and SCS Engineering have to go back to the drawing board after they presented the findings and comparisons on four sites, including the current option on Old Lorena Road near the existing landfill off of Old McGregor Road and Highway 84.

The study came after people who live next to the existing and proposed landfill protested.

They called the proposal an expansion saying it violates a 1992 agreement the city of Waco signed that said it would never expand.

While the city says it is not an expansion because the current landfill would close after the new one opens, it went ahead with looking at other options and will continue to do so.

The study showed the other options in it wouldn't probably be more expensive initially but they would add millions to the operating costs and about 10 dollars a month to bills.

That's because the places this study looked at were about 30 miles outside the city.

Some council members said they just can't pass that much of a cost onto the people.

The mayor asked Dowdell and SCS Engineering to bring back more options and findings to the Waco City Council meeting on July 18.

Once the council does select a site, it will host public meetings before determining where the new landfill should go.

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