Protect your pets paws this summer

Posted at 8:23 PM, Jun 16, 2017
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As the temperatures continue to rise, people aren't the only ones being affected. 

"Their feet probably are a little tougher than ours because we usually walk with shoes, most of us adults, and so yeah, if you touch that pavement and then it's hot for your foot, it's hot for your dog's, too," Michael Joyner, a veterinarian at East Lake Veterinary Center in Killeen, said. 

So, it is important for dog owners to check...

"We put our back of the hand on the asphalt. We leave it there for five to ten seconds, and if it's too hot for us, it's too hot for them," Meghan Arguijo, a dog owner, said.  

Black asphalt is the hottest pavement for pets to walk on, and if a pet gets their paws burnt, you might notice... 

"The pet would be limping. The next thing you might notice is them licking their feet, and then when they try to walk they will be holding that foot up," Joyner added. 

Your pet might even start to whimper or cry. 

"If you notice a dog getting a burn or see a burn, don't self treat by wrapping it up and putting improper medications on it because you can make it worse for the pet," Joyner said.  

Luckily, there are options to protect your best friend's paws. 

"The local pet stores and also some sporting goods stores have boots that you can put on your dog's feet if you do have to walk them, and it's like you having tennis shoes on," Joyner added. 

Some dog owners also choose to use protective wax.

"And we put it on their paws before we actually take them out on the asphalt. There's also protective booties that we use," Arguijo added.   

All in all, you can't be too careful... 

"We're really particular. They're like our children," Arguijo said.

These tips also apply for pet owners who may walk their cats, ferrets or any other type of pet with paws.

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