Find out the meaning behind the decorated rocks being found in CTX

Posted at 7:21 PM, Jun 15, 2017
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Folks across the Central Texas area are decorating and putting rocks out across the area.

News Channel 25 spoke to two people in Belton that began the "Belton Rocks" Facebook groupabout how it all works.

Rick and Stacy Bostick have started a Facebook group that encourages people to go find the decorated rocks. Once you find a rock you are encouraged to paint a new one and hide it then you can post clues on the Facebook page as to where they are hidden.

"We have always enjoyed hiking an being outside so the first rock that we found we just thought it was really cool," Stacy Bostick said. "To be able to bring it back to Belton and see the happiness and joy it brings to other people has been pretty amazing to watch."

Although the Bostick's started the page and the rockin' craze about a year ago, it just recently grew by over a thousand people.

'There's a lot of people that have joined and so they paint whatever design they want some people put inspirational quotes or bible verses or pictures of things that inspre them..." Stacy Bostick said.

The process is actually really simple once the rocks are painted you go and hide them and then you can take the opportunity to find other ones. Then when you are done you come back with beautiful little master pieces, but don't forget to take your photo with the rock and post it to the page.

"We try to get everyone to at least put #BeltonRocks and mention the page on Facebook and if the rock is large enough we like them to put on it that they can either keep the rock or re-hide it," Rick Bostick said.

 Rick says although he is excited about the number of people rockin' around Belton, he hopes this is just a pebble in comparison to whats to come.

"I hope that it continues to lift them up and give them a since of pride and fun and wonder with their children and that it will continure to grow for many years to come," Rick Bostick said.

if you'd like to rock around here are some other places you can visit:

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