Fort Hood Habitat for Humanity close to finishing home for single mother with cerebral palsy

Posted at 5:23 PM, Jun 14, 2017
and last updated 2018-11-03 15:19:53-04

Fort Hood Area Habitat for Humanity is on a mission to help local families in need.

Hammering away in the heat of the sun, the Fort Hood Area Habitat for Humanity is helping the community one home at a time.

"This year alone we're working on, for this calendar year, this is our third home we're working on, and we're breaking ground on our fourth one in Temple," Ken Cates, Executive Director of Fort Hood Area Habitat for Humanity, said. 

But, families in need aren't getting homes for free.

"We're not just gonna throw things at you. You need to earn it, you need to deserve it, but we're gonna partner with you and help you get there," Cates said.

So, they help homeowners get there by helping them help each other and themselves.

"Once they're selected, they have to do three hundred or more hours based on the size of the family. Construction is fifty hours, depending on the size of the family again at least fifty hours, and they're helping other homes get built first," Cates said. 

Teeja Williams, a single mother, is on her way to getting a new home.

"I'm having mold issues in my home which is not good to bring a child up in, so I would like to do better for me and my daughter," Williams said. 

Meanwhile, Andy Diluzio is already settling into his.

"Due to my condition, I have cerebral palsy, I explained to them my living situation and how having a house where I can get a wheel chair around would definitely benefit me," Diluzio said. 

With each drop of the hammer, Fort Hood Area Habitat for Humanity is helping homeowners like Williams and Diluzio overcome challenges and set up for a better future.

Fort Hood Area Habitat for Humanity also teaches their families how to repair their homes.

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