Traffic on Bruceville-Eddy bridge will be affected by construction

Posted at 8:11 PM, Jun 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-13 21:11:11-04

Traffic on a bridge in Bruceville-Eddy will be affected by construction beginning 9 a.m. on Wednesday, June 14. 

TxDOT said that traffic crossings on the TX 7/SH 107 bridge will be detoured for pavement construction and the preparation for the demolition of the FM 107 bridge. 

The closure is not expected to affect the main lanes of Interstate 35. 

TxDOT listed changes to be expected for travelers: 

  • All traffic normally heading east on FM 107 across the bridge will turn south onto the southbound
    frontage road, continue down the frontage road to Old Blevins Rd, then turn north back to the bridge
    to enter I-35 northbound or turn right at SH 7/frontage road intersection to continue eastbound.
  • Westbound SH 7 traffic that wants to continue west on FM 107 will turn right at the northbound
    frontage road intersection, and continue north to the new North Eddy Dr. crossing, then turn back
    south to the FM 107 bridge. Drivers can then turn right to continue west on FM 107. (Drivers wishing
    to access either the southbound frontage road or I-35 southbound will still be able to cross the bridge
    and turn south.)
  •  Northbound traffic on the frontage road needing to turn left onto FM 107 will detour to the North Eddy
    intersection, turn back south and turn west onto FM 107.
  • Southbound traffic on the frontage road will be able to continue south across FM 107 to enter the I35
    mainlanes, OR turn east onto the FM 107 bridge and cross, OR turn west onto FM 107 and
    continue through Bruceville-Eddy.
  • The connection at Eagle Dr north of the new N. Eddy crossing will be closed to traffic trying to enter
    Eagle Dr from the access road in that location. Traffic coming north from Bruceville-Eddy will be
    allowed to exit at Eagle Dr onto the southbound access road.
  •  Signs will be in place to guide travelers through the area safely. Drivers are asked to read and obey
    all signs and obey traffic control officers.

The construction is expected to last for the next one to two months. 

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