CTX cities make list of top dangerous cities in Texas

Posted at 5:25 PM, Jun 08, 2017
and last updated 2018-11-03 15:19:53-04

Every so often, a new list comes out ranking Texas cities based on how safe or unsafe they may be.

One list recently named Killeen as the 8th most dangerous city in the state of Texas. 

And while city leaders admit it did catch their eye, they also questioned just how accurate the list is. 

"If you ask me as mayor, or even as a person who lives here, I don't even see how we made that," Jose Segarra, the Mayor of Killeen, said. 

Nonetheless, Segarra does pay attention to all of the lists.

"Several years ago we were number five. I think last year, it showed that we were number seven. So, I'm glad to hear now we're number eight, so we're doing something right," Segarra added. 

"Any list that shows we're making improvements is a good thing," Alex Gearhart, Chief of Staff for the Killeen Police Department, said. 

But no matter where the city ranks, police say they don't put much stock in the lists.

"One list will have a city at five, one list will have a city at ten, and you never know how they're putting those statistics together," Gearhart added. 

But, they do realize their city isn't perfect.

"There are some upticks in crime, especially in violent crime with our robberies and murders of course. That's not a secret but, some of the overall trends are down,"Gearhart said. "By and large, we're just about as safe as anywhere else you can be." 

Other Central Texas cities such as Waco, College Station and Bellmead also made dangerous city lists.

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