CTX Taxi companies are speaking out following new rideshare regulations

Posted at 5:46 PM, Jun 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-05 22:31:36-04

After the recent signing of House Bill 100, Central Texas cab companies are speaking out about the how "unfair" the law is.

Clarence Page with Cove Taxi says the amount of regulation put on taxi cab companies is something he hopes the city of Killeen will take a look at.

"I just want them to give us a chance. Put us all back on even ground and give us a chance to survive." Page said. "What a lot of people are getting upset about is now they have taken all the fees and stuff from the cities and the way the bill is written they pay $5,000 a year for all their permits."

Taxi cabs are not only required to have marked vehicles and a toplight. They are also required to have 2-way communication with their dispatcher, a meter and a fire extinquisher. These are all regulations that rideshare companies don't have to have.

"All that stuff adds up. That equipment is not cheap," Page said.

In a statement from Killeen's Deputy City Attorney, Traci Briggs, Killeen may be able to do just that.

It prevents the city from regulating TNCs [Transportation Network Companies]. However, an airport owner – which Killeen is – may impose regulations, including a reasonable fee, on a TNC that provides rides to/from the airport.  Staff has proposed discussing the cab ordinance in July, to include changes to the cab ordinance and imposing a fee for TNC airport operation.

Councilmember Jim Kilpatrick says the Killeen City Council will receive a "briefing" on the subject during Tuesday's Workshop.

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