Central Texas students display leadership by volunteering as flag bearers

Posted at 12:29 PM, Jun 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-06 10:45:35-04

The first week of June marks the official start to summer break for students in Central Texas, and a group of kids at one local school are reflecting on how they made a difference all year long.

The group of students showed their appreciation not only for their school, but their community and country by volunteering as flag bearers everyday over the last year. 

School officials said taking on the role as a flag bearer is what three students did at Raye Allen Elementary in Temple for their entire 5th grade school year.

Gill Hollie, who is the site coordinator for after school center on education, said a military unit adopted the school, and volunteered for two weeks teaching the kids facts about the flag.

"You have these kids that really need to know about country first. And, they really need to understand the importance of our military and what our military does to sacrifice,” Hollie said.

The students said they not only wanted to set a good example for other students, but they wanted to learn about the flag and show how grateful they were to be living in this country. 

“This is an important job for people in the United States and that means a lot to everybody,” Marcos Garcia.

Meanwhile, Tyrell Williams, who was another 5th grade volunteer, said he was more excited to learn the skill behind assembling the flag.

“I never really touched a flag ever in my life so I really just wanted the experience of doing that,” Williams said.

Due to all the hard work, the VFW donated flags for each of them to have showing appreciation for their level of teamwork.

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction Bobby Ott said they were thankful to have these future leaders representing Raye Allen Elementary.

“This is a lot different than just taking responsibility for your math homework or responsibility for a student next to you, this is a responsibility for the entire school and the entire community so congratulations,” Ott said. 

Now those students can serve as role models for other 5th grade students coming after them.

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