Deadline approaching for unpaid property taxes

Posted at 9:47 PM, May 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-31 23:52:15-04

The January deadline for taxes has passed and the July deadline is quickly approaching.

"If they don't pay those by July 1st, they are turned over to our delinquent tax attorneys. A 15% penalty is added at that time for the tax attorneys, and then they go out and pursue those folks that haven't paid," Tax Assessor-Collector for Coryell County, Justin Carothers said.

Carothers said although the county has just over 98 percent of their taxes collected, there are still some commercial properties that haven't paid up.

"We do have a lot of delinquent accounts that we are working on, but most of those will get paid before July and if they don't, we will turn them over to our attorneys who will work aggressively at getting those," Carothers said.

The top eight delinquent accounts in Coryell County total just under a million dollars.

Gatesville Urban Living LLC $17,777.87                                    2015-2016
Scully Exploration LLC   $17,104.60                                     2013-2016
American Paint and Body   $16,757.56                                     2006-2015
Cen-Tex Sanitation  $14,806.83                                     2010-2016
Pinehurst Ranch  $11,499.77                                                                           2014-2016
Iron Mountain Recycling $11,375.72                                                                           2015-2016
Cove Glass-Mirror Inc. $8,891.37                                                                             2007-2012
Porcelain Palace $6,744.95                                                                             1997-2008

"If you don't pay your property taxes, they eventually sue you and place a lawsuit against you, then foreclose on the property and then sell that property at public auction," Carothers added.

But Carothers wants to assure everyone there is still time before that happens.

"We can work through it. We always have the option to do a payout plan or put money in escrow for those taxes coming up so there is always a way if we just work together," Carothers said.

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