Beware of alarm service calling scam

Posted at 3:30 PM, May 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-15 16:33:20-04

If you get a call from a Woodway number that you don't know, it could be a scam.

A City of Woodway news release is warning you that there is a company doing automated calls to homeowners trying to sell alarm monitoring services for your burglar and fire alarms.

In the news release, the assistant public safety director, Bret Crook, said the number shows up as (254) 772-4470 or the City of Woodway on the caller ID, and the call asks you to press a button for a call back.

Crook said this is a scam and is not from the city. He said the city does offer an alarm monitoring service for $19.95 a month with no contract, however it does not use an automated service to advertise that.

Instead, Crook said, the city lets you know about the service in the newsletter, on its website and on your water bill.

Crook said for more information on the scam or the service Woodway does offer, you can contact the department.

If you are receiving these automated calls or you have fallen victim to the scam, Crook said call the department to make a report and the city will do everything possible to prosecute those involved.

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