Sheriff's office arrest man for illegally slaughtering animals after 'gruesome investigation'

Posted at 5:32 PM, May 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-12 18:32:49-04

The Navarro County Sheriff’s Office said that a man has been arrested after illegally slaughtering animals and selling the meat.

The sheriff’s office called it one of the most gruesome investigations that they had handled in a long time.

They said Detective Sgt. Jason Earles got footage using a drone of the property and found multiple shallow holes that were holding water and what appeared to be animal carcasses.

The property was located on NE 1040 in Navarro County.

On Thursday, Earle and other deputies executed a search warrant at the property.

They discovered the shallow holes contained decaying animal carcasses, blood and other animal waste. They said the foul smell from the holes was prevalent on the property.

Deputies also found a makeshift structure that was used as a slaughter location.

They said the structure had tarps for a roof and concrete floor with a winch attached to a roof support beam. There were also hooks hanging from the rafters and a large meat band saw.

The suspect was arrested without incident.

Deputies said the case is still under investigation, and the State Department of Health and Navarro County Health Inspector on this case.

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