Military spouse started in community college now to graduate with master's degree

Posted at 4:57 PM, May 12, 2017
and last updated 2018-11-03 15:20:01-04

Guadalupe Colon-Rodriquez moved from Puerto Rico in 2013 to follow a soldier to Fort Hood. But, she kept her education as a priority.

"I started my general education classes, but I was still kind of lost on what I wanted to do, but then I said okay, I'm just gonna go the psychology route," Colon said. 

But, she didn't stay on that route for long.

"Her grades were actually better in mathematics than in psychology," Mienie Roberts, Colon's professor and mentor, said. 

After a conversation with Dr. Roberts, a professor at Texas A&M Central Texas, Colon discovered her passion for math and teaching...

"The first thing that I saw when I met Lupe was her passion for teaching," Roberts added. 

"There is a purpose for me in this life, and I feel like I know I can make a difference somewhere and so I do want to do it with the generation that's growing up," Colon added. 

But, her journey to making her dreams a reality wasn't easy.

"Being a military spouse, I've gone through two deployments, and the first deployment, I always set a goal. I said the first deployment was I'm gonna finish my bachelor's degree," Colon said. 

During the second deployment, Colon took 15 credit hours in one summer.

"I believed in her from the moment that I saw her, and you know here we are, she's graduating with a Master's degree," Roberts said.

Colon will walk the stage to get her Master's degree Sat. evening at Texas A&M University Central Texas' commencement ceremony. 

May 12 is observed as Military Spouse Appreciation Day. 

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