Belton ISD to begin construction on new schools

Posted at 7:29 PM, May 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-10 22:56:45-04

After years of planning and developing, Belton ISD will begin construction on one of two new schools by this time in 2018.

The approval for the building of a new high school and elementary school came with a bond package recently approved by voters.

Cynthia Arevalo says her son is in fifth grade and thanks to a recent bond approval he will likely be attending the new Belton High School in a few years.

"Potentially he will be attending a brand new school that is going to help in his education," Arevalo said. "I am very happy that the school district is taking every step necessary to ensure that by the time, for example, my son gets to high school there will be room for him to be housed."

Those necessary steps included getting a $149.7 million bond, one that 56 percent of voters approved on May 6.

Belton ISD Board of Trustees president, Randy Pittenger, said the new schools are a way to prepare for the more than 14,000 students he expects by 2025.

"We have developed the roadmap to 2025 which addresses the growth at elementary, middle school and high school level." Pittenger said. "We took to our voters a proposal to build a new 2,500 student comprehensive high school and a new elementary school that also will allow us to repurpose a facility that is currently being used as the ninth grade center at the high school into our fourth middle school."

Arevalo said her son is excited to be on that roadmap going to a new high school.

"My son loves coming to the school district and I think it is very important to feel comfortable in the school's that you attend in the culture and the environment so I love the Belton school district," Arevalo said.

The $149.7 million bond also includes the addition of music classrooms and a gymnasium at Lakewood Elementary along with updates to the Wall Street Auditorium in downtown Belton.

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