Company pays for teens' prom attire after watching promposal

Company pays for teens' prom attire after watching promposal
Posted at 7:49 PM, May 09, 2017
and last updated 2018-06-19 15:01:01-04

Two teens with special needs, whose promposal you saw only on News Channel 25, are going to the dance in style and for free.

Jacoby Burks, who has cerebral palsy and must use a device to speak, asked Kristin Lookingbill, who has brain damage and seizures, to prom at Midway High School on March 15.

It was a moment that couldn't have been more special for Jacoby and Kristin. The special moment, however, did not stop there.

After the story aired on News Channel 25, we got a call from PromGirl, based out of New York City, and PromGuy, based out of Memphis, offering to pay for and send Jacoby and Kristin a tux and a dress.

"It just really touched our hearts that they were they able to find each other and the mothers got along so well and the kids got along so well," said Kimberly Collins, PromGirl's senior vice president. "We just knew we wanted to help them look their best on their event,"

"This was something that was just a perfect match for both of us to get together and to be able to provide and give back to the community,"said Jill Abruzzo, PromGuy's account director. "Not only is it giving tuxedos but it's connecting with the community, connecting with schools, connecting with families who don't normally get to experience a lot of this stuff is so essential in today's world and really what the world needs today."

Latricia Burks, Jacoby's mother, and Charlotte Lookingbill, Kristin's mother, said they went with a red ball gown and a black tux with a red tie and red vest.

"It's the style that the young teenage kids are wearing now," Burks said. "That's what he wants to do. He wants to dress like the young teenage guys."

"At the alteration shop, you know she kind of plopped down like she does sometimes and sat down and the dress kind of bubbled up all around and it was so pretty," Lookingbill said. "She looked like a little doll sitting there."

Now that they have their attire, it is time for Jacoby and Kristin's special moment to continue while their mothers relax.

"It was real great. It was a relief off of me," Burks said.

"I was really surprised, really surprised, and grateful at the same time," Lookingbill said.

Burks said PromGuy and PromGirl are not the only companies helping out. She said Waco Fades on Franklin Avenue in Waco is giving Jacoby a haircut for free.

Prom is on May 20. Burks and Lookingbill said they will take a wheelchair-accessible limo to dinner and then to prom where there will be a red carpet.

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